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B2B Sales Development & Appointment Setting

Business to Business (B2B) prospecting is the pillar of outbound lead generation. When prospecting for new business, the idea is to get as many quality prospects as possible, which requires you to be able to identify and target the right prospects. Prospecting is one of the most critical parts of the sales process – without a steady stream of prospects, you have no opportunities to create revenue. It’s also one of the most difficult, with more than 40% of salespeople claiming that prospecting is their biggest challenge. Our deep experience in growing revenue for B2B businesses means we can execute campaigns across all stages of the funnel.

the sales development process

B2B Matchmaking

Do you need additional support before events to get meetings lined up? B2B matchmaking is a specific trade show networking dynamic that considers attendees’ exact expectations and achieves a perfect match between buyers and sellers.

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Trade Show Experience

Aerospace, Defense, Automotive and Advanced Manufacturing sectors.

Life Science, Information Technology, Financial Services and Cleantech sectors.

In-Market Representation

Our Business Representation service encompasses a comprehensive package of services, which are tailored to your needs. Our services enable you to open a virtual office in North America without the need for investment in costly infrastructure.

Using your own company name, you will receive a registered business address and a telephone number. Furthermore, a member of our full-time consulting staff will be assigned as the primary point of contact for you and your customers.

Business Partnership Engagement

Whether it’s through the creation of a new business venture, or a B2B partnership, or via company culture, or network building, partnerships provide a mechanism to define and be accountable to one another. Research B2B has a great deal of partnership building experience and can help you with any of the following:

Network Building
  • establishing a network of like-minded organizations and setting network-level goals

  • building innovation networks

  • engaging network members

  • developing credos

  • mapping networks and regional resources

Industry Sector Clusters
  • engaging industries from discrete sectors to build local capacity

  • share information

  • tackle regional goals

  • advocate for change

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales development?

Sales development is the process by which potential leads are identified and qualified for further sales outreach, bridging the gap between marketing and sales to reduce the time and resources spent on low-quality leads.

What is B2B sales?

Business-to-business (B2B) sales is the process of selling a product or service to another business. You could be selling a SaaS product, IT support, office supplies, or app development—as long as you’re selling from one business to another, it falls under the B2B sales umbrella.

What is sales prospecting?

Sales Prospecting is the process of initiating and developing new business by searching for potential customers, clients, or buyers for your products or services. The goal of sales prospecting is to move these people, or leads, through the sales funnel until they eventually convert into revenue-generating customers. Sales prospecting will often involve a combination of phone calls, emails and potentially social selling, with reps aiming to cement a relationship with an individual lead.

What are prospectors?

Prospectors also known as sales development reps (SDRs) or business development reps (BDRs) can help achieve predictable ROI by creating a steady stream of opportunities for account executives. These opportunities fill the sales pipeline, which provides valuable fuel for the sales team. This can be highly effective because it frees account executives from having to prospect for their own leads. Instead, they can spend their time selling to sales-ready prospects that have been qualified by sales development reps. Sales Development Reps can work in-house or the entire process can be outsourced to a company like ResearchB2B.

What is outsourced sales development?

Outsourced sales development (prospecting) can be a good way to increase lead generation and sales prospecting without investing in an internal team to find new sales opportunities. There are important things to consider before outsourcing sales development, including familiarity with the product/service, your business model, and understanding your value proposition.

What are leads?

Leads refers to potential customers who have consumed your content (website, eBook, blog, etc.), requested more information (call, demo request, etc.), or have been driven to your organization by some sort of marketing effort. Leads have likely only had one-way communication with your brand and are at an awareness level in their Buyer’s Journey—meaning they have not shown an indication that they’re intending to buy.

What are prospects?

Prospects, on the other hand, are more qualified and have demonstrated some interest in your product or service. As it pertains to the Buyer’s Journey, they are likely further down the pipeline and more closely aligned with the consideration stage.

What is a sales opportunity?

A sales opportunity is a qualified prospect who has a high probability of becoming a customer. An opportunity should have a pain point your product or service can solve and an interest in the offering. Salespeople should ensure the opportunity is a good fit for what they’re selling.

Lead vs prospect?

A prospect is often confused as a lead. A lead is an unqualified contact. Any potential client or customer you meet that hasn’t been qualified as a prospect is a lead. In the sales process, you gather leads first, qualify them into prospects, and then move them through your sales funnel or process. In order for a lead to become a prospect, they need to fit three criteria: they must match your target market, have intent to buy what you’re offering, and have the authority to make a purchase.

What is B2B matchmaking?

B2B matchmaking is a specific trade show networking dynamic that considers attendees’ exact expectations and achieves a perfect match between those who are looking for something and those who are offering something. Compared to other networking formats, B2B matchmaking aims to save your company time so you can avoid the mindless search for potential prospects on the tradeshow floor.

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