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We partner with your sales team to increase revenue and drive results. The only team you need to find prospects, automate outbound, generate demand, and grow your sales pipeline.

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Our History

Founded in 2010, ResearchB2B is a leading B2B sales development company with presence across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our experienced and trained sales development executives understand your unique service offerings and work along your campaign journey to achieve the desired goals. Leveraging our extensive proprietary database, and digital technology we target key decision-makers across traditional and high-growth industries. We work as an extension of your team and deliver results that matter to your business.

We focus exclusively on working with B2B organizations. All members of our team have comprehensive backgrounds in B2B sales development and marketing. We have experience in delivering results in high-growth industries including aerospace, manufacturing, food processing, clean technology and renewable energy, biotechnology and life sciences, mining, ag/food manufacturing, software & information technology, data centers and financial services. With team members fluent in numerous languages and worldwide market experience in North America, South America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia, we can connect your region to the rest of the world.

Leading sales professionals rely on our work every day. We simply deliver results. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in business development and have generated qualified leads for more than 100 B2B organizations.


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Our goal is to identify and capture B2B sales opportunities and help businesses make valuable connections.

Bruce Takefman, President, ResearchB2B

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